Citra Power Pro - Powerful, natural, biodegradable degreaser. Natural D'Limonene provides exceptional cleaning power and leaves a pleasant, citrus deodorizing action.  Contains no solvents. Designed to quickly emulsify tar, oil and heavy grease. Environmentally friendly product with a neutral pH.  This product will not freeze.  See photo gallery.


Citra Power D'Limonene Cleaner/Degreaser -   Water based degreaser.  Powerful and safe to use on most water washable surfaces. Quickly cuts through heavy grease, tar, oil, soot, grime and soils. Natural D'Limonene provides exceptional cleaning power and leaves a pleasant, citrus deodorizing action which lasts for hours. 

Power Wash Heavy Duty Degreaser - A powerful, concentrated, liquid alkaline cleaner designed to effectively remove grease, oil, carbon, tar and road films from parts, equipment, engines, heavy machinery, concrete floors, etc.  Contains caustic for added power.


CSP Power Clean -  Water soluble product for exceptional degreasing and cleaning of a wide variety of surfaces.  Contains no solvents and is non-flammable.  Rinses well and leaves no film.  Contains caustic for added power.

Formula 400 - Water based degreaser/cleaner.  Formulated for fast and effective removal of grease, oil, tar, ink, smoke, soot, etc.  A reliable cleaner for the toughest cleaning jobs.  Formula 400 contains NO caustic, acids or ammonia.  Non-corrosive and non-flammable.  The most versatile of all cleaning degreasers.  See photo gallery.

Simple Orange  - Water based degreaser/cleaner.  Combines the cleaning power of caustic soda and d'limonene. Excellent for grease, oil, soot, and heavy grime.  See photo gallery.  

Petro-Kleen - Biodegradable hard surface cleaner and biostimulant. Petro-Kleen is a proprietary blend of bacterial spores, concentrated biodegradable surfactants and biostimulating agents. Quick acting, Petro-Kleen inoculates contamination with bacteria, cleaning surfaces of oil spills and stains.  It enhances biodegradation above and below ground surface, and no removal or replacement of contaminated materials is necessary.


Citra Solve D'Limonene Solvent Degreaser - A very powerful blend of D'Limonene, mineral oil and surfactants designed to speed up the field cleaning of oilfield and heavy equipment parts, etc. Citra Solve combines the power of natural D'Limonene with mineral spirits to emulsify and clean tough grease, oils and other residues from a wide varity of equipment and parts. Powerful, Citra Solve penetrates and emulsifies grease, oil, dirt, carbon, tar and other soils. 


HDD Solvent Degreaser -  A solvent-based degreaser blended with emulsifiers and wetting agents to soften and dissolve the heaviest grease, oil and grease-bonded soils from metal surfaces. Does not contain caustic soda, will not harm paint, skin or clothing. HDD is a pure solvent that effectively removes grease, tar and crude tar from painted metal surfaces. Mineral spirit-based degreaser.


CSP - 300 Tar Remover and Degreaser - A highly effective and versatile degreaser designed to remove bitumen and tar deposits from heavy equipment and vehicles. It is a solvent-based degreaser that will soften and dissolve heavy grease deposits. It contains biodegradable surfactants and emulsifiers that will enable it to rinse freely with hot water. This product is well suited for many applications where other solvents are restricted. Kerosene-based degreaser.


Pressure Wash Formulas:


Powerfoam Extra - An all purpose cleaner/degreaser for use in industrial and institutional applications. It has a pleasant fragrance and is biodegradable and non-flammable. This product is also very effective for cleaning fin fan aerial coolers. When applied with foaming equipment, the solution will form a thick stable foam which will adhere to vertical surfaces and provide contact time. 

Jet Clean Plus  A top quality all purpose liquid butyl cleaner and degreaser. It can be used to clean almost any surface. It will not harm plastic, cloth, paint or vinyl. It is effective in cold or hot water, is safe on aluminum and painted surfaces and is non-flammable.

ED 6000 Industrial Rig Wash -  A phosphate free blend of builders, surfactants and powerful grease cutting, water soluble solvents designed to give superior grease cutting action. ED 6000 is safe to use, being both non-flammable and non-caustic as well as free rinsing. Water solubility makes this ideal for degreasing and cleaning any automotive or industrial grease and oil collecting surface. Powerful, yet safe, ED 6000 quickly penatrates and emulsifies grease, oil, dirt, carbon, tar and soapy scum on floors and other surfaces.