Formula 333 Disinfectant and Cleaner -  An effective bactericide/fungicide/virucide with a full range of cleaning power on all washable surfaces. Formula 333 is specifically formulated for hospitals, food industries, schools and other institutions where good housekeeping is of prime importance. This disinfectant cleaner is designed to deodorize and clean those areas which are generally hard to keep fresh smelling such as garbage cans, empty bins, toilet bowls and any other areas which are prone to odors caused by microorganisms. Formula 333 is CFIA approved and safe for food surfaces.  


Toughy Oven, Grill and Fryer Cleaner - Toughy quickly removes carbon, grease and fats on ovens, grills, fryers and barbeques. This product has industrial strength, concentrated cleaning power to easily dissolve baked-on grease. Toughy is fast acting and easy to use. 


HD 2000 Non-Butyl Degreaser/Cleaner - A safe, economical cleaner/degreaser for use in food processing, food handling and animal operations. HD 2000 quickly emulsfies animal, vegetable, petroleum oils and greases. It is free rinsing, non-flammable and non-corrosive to metals. HD 2000 is odorless as it contains non-butyl compounds or perfumes. This product can be used safely in high pressure units, steam jennys, automatic scrubbers, mopped on or simply sprayed on and wiped clean. An ideal product for hotels, bars, bakeries, restaurants, etc. 

HD 2000 is CFIA approved and safe for food surfaces.  


Utensil Presoak - A liquid product designed for use in restaurants, bars, hotels and institutions.  Very effective as a presoak of kitchen utensils and coffee cups.  Eliminates polishing of silverware.

Pure Disinfectant - This one-step neutral disinfectant, cleaner and deodorizer is effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria when used as directed. It is recommended for use in hospitals, medical and dental offices, nursing homes, restrooms, institutions, schools, food processing plants, kitchens, resturants and bars, airports, hotels and motels.  An ECO-LOGO certified product.

Refresh Peroxide Cleaner  - Refresh is a hydrogen peroxide based multi-purpose cleaner, stain remover, sanitizer and deodorizer. It is fully biodegradable with environmental benefits not normally found in cleaning compounds. Can be used on most surfaces in a variety of areas including bathroom fixtures, glass and mirrors, floors and walls, decks, tables and chairs, countertops, chrome and bright work, tile and grout.  An ECO-LOGO certified product.

Charm Dish SoapA high sudsing, thick lemon scented liquid for manual cleaning of dishes, glassware, silverware, pots and pans.  Phosphate free and 100% biodegradable.

Auto Dish, Auto Rinse, Auto San  - Three products designed for industrial, automatic dishwashers.   

Scale-Away  - Formulated to effectively remove hard water scale, lime buildup and stains.   Versatile, Scale-Away de-scales food equipment, dish machines, coffee urns, steam trays, water fountains, glass shower doors, etc.

AGI Odour EEZ Cleaner/Deodorizer/Waste Degrader Exceptional bio-degradable formulation that provides a safe, natural solution for many types of organic waste, odor and stain problems. AGI contains active enzymes that provide outstanding breakdown of protien, starch, carbohydrates, fats, oils and grease. This product is ideal for odor and stain removal of milk, vomit, feces, blood, coffee, wine, etc. AGI is also designed to provide exceptional performance for drain line/grease trap maintenance and odor control, bathroom cleaner and deodorizer, and septic/waste treatment.  An ECO-LOGO certified product.


Ekcoscreen ™ by Ekcos™ - The anti-splash device for urinals!  The Ekcoscreen with patent technogy, has brought unsurpassed value and benefits to thousands of public restrooms around the globe.  Uses Patented Sealed Bristle Technology™ to eliminate urine backsplash.  No more urine on the floor, walls, clothing and shoes.  The Ekcoscreen emits a fresh, clean scent and lasts twice as long as other screens on the market.  Perfect for waterless and conventional urinals.  The Ekcoscreen is 100% BIODEGRADABLE!

Tile Power Professional Bathroom Cleaner Specifically formulated to be the complete bathroom cleaner. Makes sinks, toilets, urinals, tubs, tile, grout and chrome shine. Thick, non-abrasive formulation clings to vertical surfaces providing longer contact time for more thorough cleaning. Especially effective for the removal of calcium deposits, rust stains, algae, soap scum, lime deposits and scale. Tile Power deodorizes as it disinfects, leaving restrooms fresh and clean. Tile Power is an excellent tile floor cleaner, removing stains and grime from the grout, too! Tile Power is available in full strength concentrate gel and Ready to Use dilutions.  See photo gallery.

Pro-Bowl Toilet Cleaner - A non-abrasive, fast acting bowl cleaner.  Quickly removes rust stains, hard water scale, discoloration and algae.  


One Shot Laundry Detergent An effective detergent for washing of cotton and polyester, heavily soiled linens, towels, overalls and uniforms. It is a built, highly alkaline detergent and requires no addition of alkali to the wash. It is ideally suited for use in industrial and institutional applications.

Liquid Laundry -  A quality, non-phosphate product especially formulated to provide effective cleaning of all synthetics and natural fibres such as cotton, wool and silk.  Ideally suited for use in industrial and institutional laundry applications.