Aluminum Brightener Extreme  This is a concentrated cleaner and brightener for aluminum trailers or other exterior unpainted aluminum and stainless steel surfaces. It removes oxidation, leaving a shining surface. This product is a special blend of surfactants, sulphuric acid and hydrofluoric acids.


Non- Etching Aluminum Brightener - This product is a ready to use formula containing biodegradable surfactants and an effective blend of acids. It will restore and retain polished aluminum, stainless steel and hard chrome surfaces. Use on RVs, bulk carriers, wheels, fuel tanks, dump trucks to remove road flim, soot, dirt, oil and corrosion.


R-1 Extra Pressure Wash - This product is a quality, blue granular compound that dissolves easily in water. It is a very alkaline, biodegradable product and as such intended for washing and degreasing of industrial equipment, engines, trucks and farm equipment. This product is intended for use with pressure wash equipment. It contains active detergents, water conditioners, emulsifiers, alkaline builders and rinsing agents for effective removal of dirt, oil and stubborn road film.

Concrete Remover - An acid cleaner used to clean concrete, remove mortar from trucks and equipment and to remove scale and rust. It contains a special blend of acids, inhibitors and detergents.